Saturday, January 3, 2009

My First Post

Hello Everyone,

I have finally taken the plunge and joined the world of bloggers. I am excited to be able to share my creations with other people who share my passion for stamping and card making!

I love the stamps from High Hopes and have just gotten some new ones that I couldn't wait to use. This card was my first choice because anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE SNOWMEN.

I hope you enjoy my creation and come back often to see what else I have to share.

Enjoy the day,


Peggy said...

Congrats Mary! Great card! The blog looks great to me! HE HE HE

mamichelle said...

First of all, the card is adorable! Love the stamp and the way you colored it in. I'm having a hard time reading the text on the sides because of the design. I love the look but I can barely read the Blog Archive section and whatever the very top left says.

Great job though! I need some help Peggy. Mine is way to boring and I don't know how to put followers in! ;-) LOL

Kristen said...

Mary Awesome card. Of course I love the high hopes stamps.
I agree with Michelle about the blog. Having a hard time reading due to the things on the side. Welcome to the blogging world.

Kerry D-C said...

Awww! Mary this is Adorable!!!!! Welcome to the blogging world!

mamichelle said...

This is so much easier to read! The other design was really pretty but just tough on the ol' eyes! LOL

Pia said...

Great card and blog Mary! I am adding you to my favorites!